Friday, August 28, 2009

Returned With Interest

by Rachel Devlin

With a group of colleagues, I traveled to the north of Thailand – Chiang Rai. I loved the heat, the chaotic streets, the busy markets and the smell of Thai cuisine.

One day, I set off from my hotel to find a temple that intrigued me. The heat of the midday sun was oppressive as I walked past some building works. I did a double take as I glanced between two unfinished buildings. There, an old woman in traditional clothing lay on the dusty rubble. The terrible thought crossed my mind that she might be dead.

Feeling quite helpless, I approached her. Her face was well wrinkled and sun-kissed. She looked quite beautiful but very ill. As a reflex, I reached into my pocket to find some money. Tentatively, I pushed it into her hand. It was enough money for her to survive for a few months. I felt like the “kind stranger”.

Without a common language, she looked at me with the wisdom and pity that could burn into a soul. She weakly pushed back the money. I was left shocked. Her eyes were mocking me. It took at least a kilometer of walking to realize I was quite the fool. She didn’t need money. She needed shade, a bottle of water and possibly some human comfort.

That evening, I sat analysing my material version of “kindness”. This beautiful woman had given me something that I will carry for the rest of my life. When I look back upon the experience, I hope my face carries that same wise smile that once mocked me.

Courtesy: Reader’s Digest

Monday, August 3, 2009


by Atif Abbas
August 22, 1999 around 1610hrs.

At this time, looking outside thinking nothing but feeling the warmth’s Sun. Listening to the sweet chirping of sparrows & enthusiastic voices of crows in the silence of afternoon. Wind of low intensity is making the leaves to flutter.

The thing fascinating me the most is the zest of crow, which is not in my sight. I feel that the crow may be praying to Almighty. And may be it is trying to convey the message of Almighty.

During its high flight, Almighty selected this creature to tell the world what is going to happen because of their deeds as it is the only crow shouting in that silence, may be.