Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Plant a tree: Pakistan

by Atif Abbas
July 31, 2009

“…every house must have a tree - a step towards Green Pakistan.

In order to create awareness in our youth about playing a constructive role in the society and to make our environment green, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) can make a difference through a campaign. The vision is every house must have a tree - a step towards Green Pakistan.

Society – Plants

Where there are school-going children smoking and burning their cells – there is smoke from industries and vehicles through out the country. Where there is depression among citizens – there is hatred against the corrupt ruling class. In a viewpoint, we are losing the gratification of life and the essence of nature.

Our society has become materialistic and artificial, technologically fast and psychologically distressed, occupied with the lust of luxurious items & greed for more money, hollow of moral values and empty of ethical responsibilities desperately requires an impression of nature. Plants provide sense of comfort by cooling the surroundings; they provide pleasant ecosystem - filter dust and replenish oxygen supply.

“Plant trees. They give us two of the most crucial elements for our survival: oxygen and books.” (A. Whitney Brown).

Inspire – Young Blood

The lifeblood of this movement [PTI] is young guns, who need to comprehend an approach towards looking at society to scrutinize it for bringing change - influence others through individual act(s). Perception is to be induced in them to consider ecological factors beside eco-socio-political aspects.

We can influence the development of conscience of youngsters by making them think as a responsible citizen – realizing them they are worthy of taking responsibilities for the betterment of humanity. Apprehend to them that their one small step of planting a tree will be beneficial to the environment and the next generation(s). Inspire them by setting a campaign in motion; revive nature especially in regions where there are very few trees - summer break the records and winter brings mist. This may encourage them to participate in welfare activities and ignite an ambition of serving their own country.

Green Pakistan: Campaign

PTI can start a campaign ‘Green Pakistan’ of planting trees from its own offices in all the provinces by its senior-officials [a step towards green Pakistan].

Spread the message of the campaign (every house must have a tree) among existing members; ask them to save money - in summer and/or winter they plant a tree in their houses. Even the seeds of fruits consumed in everyday life can be used in the plantation procedure.

Address people by adding message of Green Pakistan in the banners, stickers, membership tickets and on the website (e-mail) - effectively utilizing membership process. Thus, every new member plants a tree, it’s about personal efforts for the community; all humans are aware of the significance a tree has - PTI just has to develop the custom.

Members can influence youngsters in their acquaintance by their act of planting trees; the process continues and we can make Pakistan green.

The author is a member of Insaf Research Wing (IRW) - PTI; he planted a tree in his house, last year.
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*My idea being implemented by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government, Pakistan. [February 20, 2014]

"We are going to plant a tree in every house with the support of almost all government departments and non-governmental organizations in the district. It will be a great step towards making Khyber Pakhtunkhwa green and pollution-free," Deputy Commissioner_Mansehra said (Dawn News, February 21, 2014).