Sunday, August 28, 2011

Seeking Some Place For Truth

by Atif Abbas

In ancient times people say ‘truth is bitter’ - truth was bitter for listener; now in present era truth is bitter for those who speak or write. In this modern and materialistic world, is there some space for truth?

Everyone is living or I shall say sleeping with wrapped cloth from which he can see everything but doesn’t say or do anything. World is developing and destroying nature, in this development there is nothing left like noble character, peace of mind and courage.

In this fabulous world, man has to be vigilant because no one around him is sincere even with himself. If you want to be on high designation, you have to vanish your conscience and people with no self-respect can do that - sensitive person can’t do. If he does justice he is tortured.

If you say right word or oppose the one who is wrong then you will be given a leaving certificate. The question is same, is there some space for a thing named truth?

I know a person who once unfortunately wrote reality where he had to go, he was given a leaving certificate. One who can be or who is aggressive about reality has no room in this building made by man.

I wrote this in Class 9th after expulsion from school because of writing about that school in an essay. 

Image Courtesy: MS Office 2000