Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Time to Rethink

by Atif Abbas

‘August’, month which portrays our freedom, month in which one color stands out of all the colors that is ‘green’ and month in which Pakistani flags on the roof tops and on the façade of the homes show that we are a nation having our own norms and above all demonstrate that we are free.

Each years August brings breath of relief reminding us that we are free as increment in years of freedom reached the figure 62.

I want to induce realization among citizens of my country about transmission of our media. This August, does anyone observed that the media gave too much room to Indian shows, songs and celebrities. How we portray our patriotism? Don’t they think what they are exhibiting to the whole world; they can put anything on-air for wealth.

Private channels are broadcasting Indian shows, movies and news about Indian celebrities. This reveals an image of weakness of our media as if they have failed in entertaining - hence require Indian bits & pieces. What we are illustrating to our young generation; what we want to convey to them?

Does this mean we want to introduce them to Indian norms, traditions and culture as our media is promoting Indian customs. What is being represented about our own country – is question of integrity. The country in which you can freely do any act, you have freedom of speech; one can only realize this freedom when he/she knows the importance of a nation having its own boundaries.

Are we shy of our own people that we require other countries folks to cover areas to make news. We are ourselves making our structure of norms so brittle that our future generation will not recognize our own heroes but the actors and celebrities of other countries.

Till 1996, Pakistan Television (PTV) was pretty famous in India and Indians use to watch Pakistani drama’s instead of ZTV’s. Thus, Indian Television banned PTV and now you can measure the extent to which our channels are influenced by Indian media. Doesn’t this make us rethink about what to be banned.

Still there is time to ask the whole nation to promote our own culture and heroes so we can withstand our own identity with our own flag.

Image Courtesy: Reuters

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