Monday, January 25, 2010

Library at a Political Party

by Atif Abbas
December 02, 2009

"To foster research, Insaf Research Wing may build its own library – Insaf Digital Library (IDL)."

A library provides base for knowledge - knowledge and information provide groundwork for research. To foster research, Insaf Research Wing (IRW) may build its own library, Insaf Digital Library. IRW requires facts and data – therefore, IDL will be its databank.

Politics & Knowledge

The word ‘Politics’ comes from the Greek word ‘polis’ meaning city-state. The Greek word ‘Politikos’ describes anything concerning the state or city affairs. In Latin, this was ‘politicus’ and in French ‘politique’. Thus, in English it became politics: art and science of government. Governing affairs of the state require knowledgeable and wise men; to educate our generations, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will establish libraries in the country whereas IRW may establish its digital library.

The library will be helpful for investigation and exploration of issues to be researched in IRW; members of PTI will enrich it with features, research papers, scholarly work, case studies, journals, reports etc. Their contribution to the library may lead them to research for IRW. By collection of information, foundation of knowledge will be laid.


IRW will not only contribute to IDL but also get subscriptions of journals-newsletters and memberships of research institutions. In this way, wing can interact with people in research around the globe and share concepts.

Through IDL and IRW, tradition of knowledge sharing and custom of research will develop in the political party. Hence, wing can reach a status where people would think to subscribe to its publications; a newsletter may also be produced.

Web-Management Team & IDL

Web-management team of PTI can develop the structure of IDL to maintain files of the library in corresponding sections by deciding suitable technology. The team can propose game plan for subscription procedure of publications (e.g. newsletter) of IRW.

IDL: The Process

Information (news) from various sources of PTI and publications of IRW reach web-management team and they publish on the website. For IDL, members of PTI [IRW, ISF, web-management team…] rather anyone can contribute; the files will be forwarded to IRW. The wing will send upon selecting the file(s) to web-management team for uploading on IDL.

By this, any person can make use of IDL whereas IRW will have its database in the form of library.

The author is a member of Insaf Research Wing (IRW) - PTI; he contributed documents to web-management team & IRW for the library.
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