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Documenting Public Opinion from a Political Platform

Political parties are public platforms, which claim to revolutionize this politically fractured - economically crippled - socially fragmented Muslim nuclear state through their policies do not document opinion on issues-affairs even within the party to know what and how majority of the party workers/citizens think for whom they craft policies.

Citizens viewpoint is the ‘information’ required to analyze and formulate policies, which lead to decision making. In our politics, policies are being made (though not implemented) for a common man without knowing his perspective – this creates a demand to gather data by starting process of conducting surveys for more comprehensive policy-making hence, for better decisions.

Voice of citizens on various issues can be portrayed on global canvas by means of human resource political parties have in Union Councils (UC).

To reach public in a different style, gather their opinion scientifically and share it worldwide, I presented a game plan (November 2010) to Tehreek-e-Insaf. To set trend and shape culture of surveying, I implemented different plans.

Conducting the survey (alone) was a 'big' challenge --- took me +2 years.

My vision was to utilize human capital of the party on-ground for research and for that, people were introduced to the concept – I invited them to contribute. I made it people’s project - involved more and more people to make them the credibility factor of the survey. Those who don’t even support the party volunteered in documenting public opinion.

There were three things in my mind:

1.)  Document common man's opinion from a political platform : open a new chapter.

2.) Utilize human resource in UC's for research.

3.)  Engage students in 'research in politics'.

2011 : I tried - I failed.

2012 : I restarted  - took a risk in my life...

Why I took the challenge :: perspective.

When I started the project, my teacher who taught in Engineering told me that he wants to write a book on Calculus (a field of mathematics).

He said, when I was in Pakistan, I shared my thoughts and the idea; people didn't take interest ----- they said, there are already many books of Calculus, why write another...
(now) I am working in a university in America and here when I talk about the book - 'people listen' and appreciate.

He seemed excited about his work.

It’s much easier to do research abroad...; here {in political parties}, people don't have interest and "this was the challenge" _ start research in such an environment.

My perspective (was), stay : fight and prove yourself.

2013 : ...sharing primary data from a political platform.

This is my biggest achievement so far - Alhamdullilah!


In-depth Analysis:

An example has been set for political parties to document public opinion.

I 'congratulate the volunteers for doing a {research} project never been done before and thank them for making this possible.

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